1.  Accommodation
  • Phumula Lodge has 18 rooms. 12 normal accommodation and 6 self-catering / permanent accommodation

 Found in all rooms     Found in some rooms

  • 10 Rooms have Double beds, 2 have single beds
  • All the rooms have en-suite and provision is made for making of tea/coffee, etc.
  • Air-conditioning in certain rooms
  • Every room is fitted with a 32 inch TV with DSTV, etc.

  1. phumulalodge_parkingParking

 We have a safe and secure parking which is within the lodge, enjoy to park in front of your chalet. We provide 24 hours security to ensure that our guests and their belongings are as safe as possible at all the times.



  1. Events and mini conferences, meals
  • 3.1) These can be arranged with prior notice.Breakfast is available on the premises.
  • 3.2) Apart from the usual English meals, Indian cuisines can be catered for.
  • 3.3) Traditional African meals are easily arranged.
  • 3.4) Mr. Delivery is available to deliver all the traditional meals from several food outlets.
  • 3.5) Davenport Square has several laid back eating outlets and Pubs. It is approximately 5mins from the Lodge.



  1. Medical Services

5 Private Hospitals are situated approximately 5mins from the Lodge. There are several General Medical Practitioners & Pharmacies in the surrounding areas of the Lodge.